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Custom Crafting station troubles


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Hello, I am working on a mod to add in custom crafting stations for certain existing recipes and new recipes.

Having a hard time figuring out how to add the (1)category sorting buttons to my station and how to add an (2)icon for the crafting station.


I have my recipes in the custom crafting station but the (1)sorting buttons are not there and I do not know how to change the (2) icon to be the proper station

Here is an example of what it looks like in the custom crafting station.

I assume for problem 1 I am making an error with my xpath 

in my ui_display file I have the following

<append xpath="/ui_display">
	<crafting_category_list display_type="medStation">
		<crafting_category name="Medical" icon="ui_game_symbol_medical" display_name="lblCategoryMedicine" />


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