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[idea] The most primitive shotgun


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Hi! I am Kirov 8!
I saw recently introduced concepts of primitive weapons.
These weapons must be made from and made of piping and duct tape.
But the weapon depicted in the concept is very complex. It would be very difficult to do this "DIY" in real life.
And I found a more primitive solution - a real pipe shotgun. It is literally made of two pipes and a nail.

Example 1: https://youtu.be/nMfi8GCZrb0

Example 2:
It takes two pipes to make this. One with an inner diameter of 12mm. The second is 14mm.
A wooden cork with a nail in the center is hammered into the end of a 14mm pipe. 12mm chuck fits into 12mm pipe.
12mm tube with chuck fits into 14mm tube.
To fire, you must forcefully pull the 12mm pipe towards you.
Like reloading a pump action shotgun.
And it shoots.
Easy to make.
Easy to model.
Easy to animate.
I want to see it as tier 0 in 7 days to die!
PS. My English is bad(
Желаю удачи!)

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