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Server browser not showing more than a few servers


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The day before yesterday and almost all day yesterday I could see thousands of servers. Late last night I tried to log back in and look at servers and I can only see favorites sometimes, sometimes like 20 servers and other times only like 100 servers.

Any idea what might be going on?



Well, now it is back to doing the same thing. I am really not sure what is going on. I have a gig line down and 50 up. I can run three or four speed tests at once and usually not drop below 500m/s. I am currently downloading a NMS update at 60.4 MB/s PEAK and averaging about 55 MB/s.

I can see literally HUNDREDS of Rust servers at less than 100 ping. I play on servers all around the world for EFT and VERY seldomly get kicked for ping higher than 180.

When I use World Ping Test - www.meter.net only 4 servers come up red. I not sure what connection issues this game could suddenly be using to limit the number of servers I can see.


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