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Flags and banners


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I think it would be cool to have flags and banners in game. But not your mundane flags and banners but flags and banners with player created decals on them. Seeing as how .xml files get used a lot in client side as well as server side set ups would it really be so hard to add this function to the game? Basically a player or group of players/clan could make a .xml file containing their desired image as well as each players steam ID which is something that the server uses anyways. They then put it on a file sharing sight such as Drop Box. Character profiles could be added into the character customization area and the link could be added that leads to the .xml file. Then each time a player joins a server the server would download the image and add it to the areas that are set up to receive the image. For example flags,banners,hats jackets,etc.This isn't really a new idea BI has been using this for Arma in thier squad .xml files. Let me know what you guys think.
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