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Hi People!

Tomorrow at 20:00 GMTwe will open a new server to the public.




Max players : 30

DISCORD : https://discord.gg/WgBN5Z3

MAP WEBSITE: http://bloodmoon.ddns.net


Game difficulty: 5
Day night cycle: 90
Day light length: 18
Max zombies: 120
Blood moon enemy count: 12
Land claim size: 41 - Dead zone: 25 - Expiry date: 21
Drop on death: Backpack only
Player killing mode: Kill strangers only
Air drop frequency: 1 days
Loot respawns in 3 days
Loot abundance 100


Removed Storage to prevent DUPING bugs


Lowered block damage to prevent players BASEs destruction


Stone arrow damage increased: 25 --> 35.
Iron arrow damage increased: 28 --> 43.
Steel AP arrow damage increased: 31 --> 59.
Steel flaming arrow damage increased: 25 --> 59.
Steel explosive arrow base damage decreased: 90 --> 59.
Steel explosive arrow explosion damage increased: 180 --> 350    .

Crossbow bolt

Stone crossbow bolt damage increased: 32 --> 45.
Iron crossbow bolt damage increased: 38 --> 53.
Steel AP crossbow bolt damage increased: 45 --> 69.
Steel flaming arrow damage increased: 32 --> 69.
Steel explosive crossbow bolt base damage decreased: 125 --> 69.
Steel explosive crossbow bolt explosion damage increased: 250 --> 450.

Stone spear damage increased: 10.3 --> 21.
Iron spera damage increased: 12.4 --> 27.
Steel spear damage increased: 18.6 --> 36.
Stun Baton

Stun Baton damage increased: 10.8 --> 20.

Recog decreased ranged damage bonus from 50% --> 10%.
Fort bites decreased damage reduction 50% --> 5%.
Atomic junkies decreased damage bonus 50% --> 20%.

Most weapons now can be repaired with their parts or base materials, rapair kit still apply but for a small amount of items,
now it makes more sense to collect parts, and gives more reality sense to the game.


/suicide command to KILL YOURSELF if you got stuck somewhere
/day7 verify next horde night
/hostiles to look how many hostiles near you
/calladmin to file a support ticket
and others will be implemented

PVE trader areas with punishment , if you kill someone in a trader, you will be automatically  killed and arrested for 10 minutes.
Player killed in Trader areas will be teleported back to their Backpack in 30 sec.

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Technical INFO
Server has dedicated HW and Datacenter grade connection.

Games folders backup every 3 hours and complete machine backup every day
HW upgrades if needed.

For EU player check here for latency

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>> Plagued Nurse Event Week <<

Start 2020/11/23 20:00 GMT

Here we go again! We have another bounty event this week on Bloodmoon and this time we are after the sexy Plagued Nurse!  Kill as many as you can and get 100 Duke's Casino Tokens for each kill!

Good luck everyone!


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>> Weekly Event <<
Start 2020/12/01 20:00 GMT
Hello survivors! t's time to kill some infected police officers!
Only for this week,
kill as many zombie cops as you can and get 100 dukes and a whooping 1000xp bonus for each kill! Let the hunt begin! Good luck!


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