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The Hunting Update


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While playing with some friends we came up with an idea that seems to suit the style of 7 days more so than say adding a "farming" option in which you could tame animals such as chickens, and pigs. To give an basic overview of the basis the idea is to including a trapping system including snares and other forms of traps that would allow a player the ability to get a more sustainable food source given a bit of luck. This should probably be implemented as mid-late game mechanic in my opinion but would allow you a means of gathering food more reliably aside from just vegetables from a farm. 


Now I feel there should also be risks with snares chances for random encounters where say the trap has been invaded by a wolf, zombies or whatever it may be that has stolen the meal. In this case instead of finding food you may find a fight waiting for you. Snares should also require a more desolate area to be set up meaning you couldn't just set it up in the middle of your base and get free food. It would be require that snares be in an area of low traffic or at the very least you would have to stay away from it for a while before an animal may think its a safe free meal to be captured. Not sure if there are more ideas that could be added to this but I think it would fit pretty well with 7 days general design scheme especially if more ideas are added to flesh out the details on this. 

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