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Looking for German playing together on Let´s Kautsch


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I´m looking for German who play together with me on the German Let´s Kautsch Server 'Apocalypse on Earth'.

I´ve played 1.955 hours at all since A13. Its a PVE Server with this Settings:



Map Size: 12288

Number of players: 30

Difficulty level: 3 / 5

Day length in real time: 90 minutes

Night from: 22 to 4 o'clock

Falling at death: only backpack

Loot: 75 % (food, drinks, feathers, eggs, muni, acid slightly increased))

Loot-Respawn: 4 ingame days

XP Multiplayer: 100 %

Block damage of the players: 300 %

Block Damage of Zombies: 100 %

Block Damage of Zombies while Bloodmoon: 75 %

Ferals: on (but run a little slower)

Bloodmoon Zombies: 7

Random Bloodmoon: off

max. Number of Zombies: 120

Party Kill Range: 100 blocks

Bedroll Protection: 30 blocks

Land Claim Size: 51 x 51

Land Claim Number: max. 30 each player

Land Claim Cost: 150 forged iron

Land Claim Death Zone: 50 blocks

Air-Drop: every 36 ingame hours, visible

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