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Idea to Improve Crafting


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This is a really simple Idea to redo crafting. The downside is that it will require more assets.

Upside is that it will make the "parts system" feel a little bit better without having to scrap it outright.

Major Theme of the Change: 
- Separating "Skill of Crafting" from "Knowledge of How to Craft"


  • Getting skills such as Miner 69er, Machine Gunner, Gunslinger, etc, give you the "skill" necessary to "make" an item from that class.
  • For example: Getting Miner 69er gives you access to Tools, Gunslinger allows you to create pistols, M.Gunenr lets you make Machine Guns, etc


But without the knowledge of the makeup and functionality of a weapon in that class you can't make a true version of that item.
You can only 'guess' or abstract an idea.

So getting the skill will allow you to make a "Scrap Iron Pickaxe", a "Scrap Pistol", Scrap Machine Gun, Scrap Generator Bank, etc.

These will look just like they sound like, a poor mans versions of the original item.

They'll be functional, but they wont be as good as getting the real thing.

The idea is that you have the "skill" but not the "knowledge".


Similar to how the Stone Axe is a good tool overall that acts like an axe, and a hammer. 

But it's still a rock attached to a stick at the end of the day.



  • Scrap weapons will level/scale just as normal items currently level.
    • For example: At level 5 Miner, you'll be able to make Level 6 Scrap Iron tools.



So how do you get the knowledge? Well thats where looting/finding things comes into play.


When you get an item in the world, you'll be able to do one of two things:

  • Keep it and use it
  • Scrap it and use the parts (like a consumable item like a schematic) to learn about how that thing is crafted.


Once you scrap it and learn from the parts, you can make a level 1 version of it with raw materials as long as you have the skill
(which is how the game works right now anyway).

Scrapping more parts and using the parts for knowledge will let you increase the level of the item you can make.
So you can only make a level of equipment, equivalent to the knowledge you currently have. 

So it will be tracked in the game as a Level Up tracker, similar to how Books Track which volumes you've read,
and each item will have their own Level of crafting.

Level 6 is max, as usual. 


Using an Item part will give you 1 Level in crafting those skills.

Schematics, will increase the level of items you can create by maybe 2 or 3 (since you get more information).

Learning about the weapons will also lower the amount of materials necessary to craft them.
This also could have some other fun implications such as having Schematics also give some other unique perk for getting/using them alongside the high level gain.


So to make a real Level 6 pistol will require both Level 5 Gunslinger and 6 scrapped Pistol Parts.

I think this sort of approach could be fun since:

  • It gives you a lot of skills/items to try to get good at 
  • It gives players choice: Immediate Gratification by using the equipment? or Scrap it and attempt to learn its secrets?

** I'm not sure about this last idea since I dont know if it will be fun or not, but:
-- But as a balancing mechanism:
If you get a higher level item and you try repair it one of these could happen. Either:
- it will not let you repair it without the knowledge (sounds not fun)
- it will let you repair it but have a chance of lowering the weapon's level by one (could be okay but still not fun)

- It will repair but it wont fully repair all of the health of the item (probably the best of both worlds)

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