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Remove Vilayer From Preferred Server Partners


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I recently tried to rent a server from Vilayer, having seen them as a Preferred Server Partner here on the 7 Days website/forums.  I initially thought to just recommend people not use Vilayer, but after an issue that I have had to go through for almost two weeks now, I felt like I needed to actually make a suggestion that Vilayer be removed from 7 Days' preferred server partners.


My personal experience with Vilayer was absolutely terrible.  I had immediate issues with my server, and had no luck getting any help from their customer support hours after I'd put in a ticket.  I cancelled my server, requested a refund, got an email saying my refund would be processed within 2-3 days, and thought that would be the end of it.  Unfortunately, it wasn't.  A full week went by, and I never received my refund.  I put in a new ticket asking what the delay was, and later that day I checked on my ticket only to find that Vilayer had closed it without responding or even notifying me that they had closed my ticket.


Afterwards, I went to Paypal (which I used to rent the server I attempted to rent through Vilayer) and filed a grievance.  Paypal has tried to contact Vilayer, and so far it has been five days without any response from Vilayer on the matter.  Out of curiosity, I looked up reviews of Vilayer, and two of the top three sites I found when I googled reviews of Vilayer are below:




As you can see, Vilayer ranks low, and not just because of mid-range starred reviews, but a swathe of the lowest rating possible, with the highest rating possible sprinkled between.  Most of the people that ranked Vilayer low described issues similar to what I was experiencing, which tells me that my case is not just a rare exception, and is rather the norm for Vilayer.  To this end, I would like to request that Vilayer be removed from the Preferred Server Partners listed here on the 7 Days forums/website, as Vilayer seems to be a less-than-trustworthy server host, and is not very safe for people to use.  Out of further curiosity, I'd like to know what others think: Has anyone else tried Vilayer, and if so how was your experience with them?

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