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New MulitPlayer Survival Mode propose


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To increase the playability in the later stage of the game and put forward new mode suggestions

The final result of this mode is that all members will die

The game mode is similar to PUBG


The total duration of the game is limited to 70 days. The game area is divided into 70 blocks, and each area has a land claim block

Defense stage

The morning indicates the area where the blood moon occurred tonight

At night, the zombies will continue to attack land claim blocks until they are destroyed

On the night of successful defense, blood moon continued to occur until this area was destroyed

Defense failed. This area is marked as a dead zone. It cannot be explored or entered


Final stage

There is only 1 piece left in the undeveloped area. All players who die will be resurrected within 300 meters around the land claim blocks in this area

Blood month continues on the night of successful defense and increases block damage by 50% every day

Defense failure game over


Use the existing game mechanism to increase more playability and fun. Thank you for your attention. If you agree with this idea, please leave a message and petition below. I hope there are enough people to support the pimps to update this game mode

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