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Portugue translation / Localization

Hyan Guimarães

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Hi! My name is Hyan Guimarães. I'm Brazilian and i love 7DTD. This week i played the game in Portuguese for the first time and i couldn't help but notice the way it was poorly translated. The puns and jokes make no sense in Portuguese because they were literally translated and NOT localized. One example is the new "Suggar Butts" candy which was translated as "Doce Porém" (something like "Sweet but"). In Portuguese this "BUT" has the same meaning as in the sentence "i wanted to play BUT i have to go to work".)


So... since i used to work as an English Teacher for Brazilians, I'm offering my self to work in a Portuguese localized translation (for free! I just love the game), this way, other Portuguese speakers who can't speak English won't have to loose the puns and jokes in the game just because they were poorly translated.


Anyways. It would be cool to do something like that if it is in TFP's interest.


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