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Looking for a mod with map markers


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Hi, I hope this is okay to ask here, I don't use forums much.


I was trying to see if there was a mod that adds non-waypoint markers or tokens but I haven't seen one so far. I'd really like to be able to keep track of things I might need later, places I've been too or want to go to without totally cluttering up my compass. Being able to label them would be nice but its not necessary.


If nothing like this exists maybe you could point out some helpful guides if I want to attempt to make one. I know the tiniest bit of coding but so far I've only been an end user of mods. This feels like it might be doable though if no mod like this has already been made.


I bought the game recently for pc and I haven't stopped playing it since. I really love it.


Thank you in advance for any replies and suggestions!

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