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Making a base frame by frame could take days or weeks.


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Just placing rebar frame block in a floor of 60*60 could take you hours, leaving apart the time upgrading them.
I think the dream of everyone is making the base of their dreams, and there is nothing more satisfying than building it and fight against zombies and hordes.
But just taking the time to place block by block and upgrade all of those, takes away the time you could have used to loot some houses or have done something funny.

I think it would not be so difficult to add this feature
One way to do it could be:
1: By pressing R, change the shape of the block to a 5*5, with the options: Floor and Wall
  And it takes the respective materials each time you place it, instead of just taking a block.

Another option is to create a Multiblock, which you can change to different shapes as 3*3, 5*5 etc. Having the possibility to change as if it were a floor or a wall
And would be nice that when you upgrade one, you upgrade all of them, even if it cost a % more resources than normal.

Thanks all for reading, this is my first post here. I'm sorry if commit any grammar mistake. hope you have a good day.  : D

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