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Looking for dedicated 7 dayers.


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Hey all looking for some dedicated 7 dayers. I want to create something I’ve never seen before. I want to create a world filled with Zs, that they aren’t so easy that one person can go out and take out 5-6 with little to no challenge. I have found this way but have not found the survivors to take on the task.

Will you join me? I’m looking to do a community build. I’m looking at building our own houses behind a wall (Like in The Walking Dead with Hill Top or Alexandra). We will have jobs like Farming, building defense, mining scavenging etc. Heck you can just stay at the base and guard the walls if you want. You join the community you play your way!! You can spend your time doing just one thing or you can spread your time and help in each phase.

What I’m looking to do:

  • There are mods that add more Zs to the world from 2X-8X. I played on 4X alone and was just over run!!! Which makes it cool cause now you have to team up 2X alone makes it more challenging but can still move about quite easily.
  • Another mode is to have the Store All from the backpack and store match which if you have eggs it stores the eggs with the eggs (you get the idea)
  • The amount of Zs we want in the world. We can do 2X, 4X or 8X
  • Car respawn. Broken down cars turn into a block when broken down. After 30days the car respawns and can be broken down/looted again
  • The above mods can be found here https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/19674-jaxteller718-a19-modlet-collection/ . Click Download all and just pull the ones out above and put into your Mods folder
  • No cheat horde bases, this is simple us vs them defend the community!!!
  • Pool resources I think is a good idea but we don’t have to we can discuss that before we launch the server
  • Want to make it so you have to go out in teams (Preferably 3-4 people to clear a POI)

I’m open to other mods but I don’t want to go crazy on them. Who is down with a real 7 days challenge?

Join my discord https://discord.gg/7bg43ng and lets chat about it here. I’d like to start this up soon!!!!

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