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FarmPlot Idea -- Upgrading


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I Recently posted on an update, but I wanted to make it more broader here. With the introduction of the farmplot -- and GardenHoes are no longer a thing -- It has been hard for some people to farm because of the rotten flesh requirements sometimes. If possible, I was wondering if it might be a good idea to seperate the whole idea out -- so there is a way to increase the yield production? when crafting a farmplot there would be maybe 2 or 3 different ways to approach this so the crafting would look like so in blockArray format, there would be 3 different types of farmPlotBlcoks 0,1, and 2 with attributal upgrading and downgrading.

farmPlot0 = wood + clay (upgradable to farmPlot1
with 5 nitratePowder)
farmPlot1(faster Production and more yield than farmPlot0, but requires 3 nitratePowder daily and you lose the crop, but the seed remains. upgrades to farmplot2 with 2 fertilizers(keeping state and time.))
farmPlot2(same production and yield as farmPlot1, but requires 1 fertilizer 1 to 2 day(s)(randomTime) after bloodMoon(if not fertilized by the time suggested, downgrades to farmPlot0, loses crop, but keeps seeds))


remake the fertilizer recipe :
fertilizer (made in cementMixer) =
clay + nitratePowder + rottenflesh


Normally in real life the fertilizer would be used not daily most every 2-3 weeks, I put it to a day or 2 after bloodMoon because the soil isn't as good as IRL because of all that is going on in 7 Days to Die, but you could make it 1 or 2days for the fertilizers. The only difference between the fertilizer and the nitratePowder is the frequency of which to make it. Now, you can upgrade. Another option is to set it to 8-9 days for the fertilizer.

I do enjoy the game a lot btw ^_^. Not sure if you guys like or hate the

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