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[SUGGESTION] Dumb zombies toggle option


Have an option for "dumb" zombies?  

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  1. 1. Have an option for "dumb" zombies?

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    • No

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Following discussion in this thread:


and a bunch of people mentioning how game has changed from early alphas. I realised it would be really good to have the old zombies back.


It would require some coding, but it doesnt have to be much. If the box is ticked old "dumb" zombies will not start going around the other side of the base and going through the labyrinth to get to the door to hit it. But instead just hit the blocks in front of them. And only check if there is a ladder or a door within 5 squares. 


This would mean that potentially many more zombies could be spawned during blood moon and they could be spawned from multiple directions. This will mean that game will be less about "outsmarting" the zombies or figuring out exploits, mazes.


Please do not get into discussion of what is fair and who does and doesnt use cheesy tactics. I dont play on public servers but i miss the challenge of the HORDE rather then tower defence. Im just curious to see how people will vote.

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