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Declining Durability Rates for Weapons/Gear.


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What if weapons and armor had a declining durability rate?  Perhaps you get a few times to repair with a kit, but eventually you know it's on it's last life.  Then you're either forced to loot for another, or find the materials to make another (assuming you have the schematic.)  It'd really make you stop and think before making hasty decisions and force you to choose your gear wisely when you go out.  I think this would potentially solve some of the loot table issues, too.  Sure, I may find a lvl 4 Steel Sledge or Auto Shotgun on day 10, but how long will that last me? 

One of the issues I find myself in while playing is the eventual feeling of being over powered.  There just comes a point where you don't feel any challenge in the game, and that tends to happen relatively quickly.  I just went to day 20 on Warrior and had all the Level 5/6 weapons (SMG, Sniper, All Shotguns, All Rifles, Steel Sledge, etc) and full military armor, plus a freaking Gyrocopter (found all the schematics). By that point, there's little motivation to look/explore, IMO.  


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