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Micro stutters, Graphic glitches since A15?


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this game shows a pretty poor performance towards me. Since A15 I have micro stutters, which actually got better but are still occuring now and then(usually around big POIs when multiple friends on my server) on a19. And I have graphical glitches which never got any better, they got even worse now ..., the glitch happens usually when moving around and then returning to my base, the whole  ground which is nonexistend now is rendered back and it only vanishes if I hit any block in the area.

Here are 2 Screenshots of what could happen, the first one showing whole tiles not rendering after explosion and the second shows what usually happens, rendering ground which is non existing anymore. It only happens to me as host, not the other clients playing on my hosted game. It is NOT a mod related issue, I already had this problem when playing non modified as well.


Is there any way to fix this? It seems to be a RAM related issue which happens due bad coding. Lowering texture might help but I don't want to play retrostyle in a game which already doesn't look up to date ..., are there any other solutions? I have a I7 8700 and RTX 2080 and 16GB DDR4 on win 10, got 4 Samsung ssds with +500mb/s read and write, drivers are all up to date.


For the microstutters I don't know what forces them and would prefer if it's possible to completely get rid of this issue since I can't see how tf I have stutters on my RIG which is CLEARLY enough for this game, I blame the coding fully on this one... but would be thankful if anyone knows how to fix it.


I would appreciate any help, thanks and good luck to everyone else who has the same annoying issues.



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