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Equipment mod to increase swim speed??


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I'm relatively new to modding 7dtd as I've only edited the xml files to add new recipes and change some buffs among other things. With the drop of A19 swimming seems to take forever to do especially over any sort of large body of water. I know I can edit the Materials xml and change the swim speed of water as a whole but an interesting idea would be to add an item or an equipment mod that increase your swim speed (like flippers mod attached to some boots). This also goes into the realm of possibly making a foot equipment that can walk over spikes and barbed wire without (or less) decrease in speed.


Is something like this possible with just editing the xml files? If so are there any avid modders out there know how this could be done? I'm also looking to learn more about modding 7days so if there are any tutorials that go over things like this I'd love to hear any suggestions.



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