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PsychoApocalypse 200xp 100xLoot ALPHA 19 PVE


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Hi all excited for the upcoming Alpha 19 Experimental patch that's coming out later this afternoon!?


Looking for a server that you want to play and test out the new content and adjusted features?


Welcome to PsychoApocalypse; a PVE server in where the goal is to have fun and explore the wild west of Alpha 19! 

We have a discord in which anyone is willing to join, we're pretty friendly and willing to help anyone that has issues (however if the issues are regarding a19 it may take a while to address).



Server Name: PsychoApocalypse 200xp 100xLoot ALPHA 19 PVE (FRESH WIPE 6/29)
Server Address:
Difficulty: 3

Discord: P3jFwsS


Server is not live as yet for we're waiting for alpha 19 to drop but once it's loaded, we will have the server up and ready for action! This server will not contain any mods of the sort due to unconfirmed if the mods will be compatible with A19 since there are some big changes!

Thank you and hope to see you in A19!!

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