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7 Days to Die Alpha 19 Giveaway Celebration Stream!


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Hey everyone! I'm 8-bit Scientist, and I want to take over the world!

But this thread isn't about that, I want to tell you guys about my super awesome stream to celebrate the release of Alpha 19! I stream lots of horror survival games on Twitch, but my go-to game in between playthroughs is 7 Days to Die. I'm a pretty big fan of the game, so I am incredibly excited to see the new release coming this week! To help celebrate this huge development and overhaul of the game, I will be hosting my own Giveaway Stream after the release of Alpha 19!

I will be gifting multiple copies of 7 Days to Die to lucky raffle winners via StreamElements in Twitch chat during my live stream. The giveaway will be free for anyone in chat to enter, will not have weighted odds for subscribers, and the only requirements will be that you are following 8-bit Scientist's channel on Twitch and have a Steam account. This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by The Fun Pimps, Steam, or Twitch and is an independent venture of 8-bit Scientist.


8-bit Scientist's Alpha 19 Giveaway Celebration will begin at 12:01 AM Eastern Time on Tuesday, June 28th.
(This time is tentative and will depend on the Alpha 19 release being on planned schedule, and may be delayed as necessary.)


Check out my channel on Twitch and drop a follow ahead of time so you won't miss out on all the action.
I hope to see you there, and good luck snagging a free copy of 7 Days to Die!


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