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Weapons need to be tottaly remade, or just copy paste from killing floor 1 (not litteraly of course))


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Lets face it, weapons are horible:
- models look ugly (that new shotgun looks terible and don`t even shot like auto shotgun)

- shooting feels awkward, because of strange recoil, because of very bad gun spread

- whole idea of increasing headshot damage from increasing stats is just bad


Really devs, just make guns like killing floor 1, berreta, AK, magnum revolver, shotgun, make same stats, same  animations. Remove those skills that magically decrease spread and increase headshot damage, just left reload speed skill for each weapon type separately and thats all. Because overall guns expirience are terrible.

Just play some killing floor 1, and feel the difference. I tottaly understand that games are different, and damage for 7d2d need to lowered compare to kf 1, but guns spread, and every other aspect is just so much better.

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