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Save the Zombies!!!


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This idea would probably take way too much rework of the game but it still sounds like a good idea that would add a whole different dimension to the game.


I'm talking about an advanced medical skill where you create a vaccine that turns a zombie back into a normal human.  Maybe it only works on sleepers since they seem to have lived or worked in the building they are found.  That way when they return back to human form they will stay in that building but now as a human.  Some of them could also become vendors, quest givers, nurses that can heal or sell goods, hired hands, etc.


<edited> so you you could administer the vaccine either by injecting with a needle, more risky of being hit, or from a ranged weapon maybe even a new one like a blow dart gun.


So if they turned back to human form maybe have the building they're in become restored back to it's former glory.....until.......unless..... they get bitten by a zombie and will once again become zombies.

Imagine getting a whole town restored back with humans only for zombies to have turn them back to zombies again.  Of course the humans should be able to fight back sometimes killing the zombie, sometimes getting turned into a zombie.


This might actually make for an epic goal in MP but would become even better and more achievable with a big MP presence.

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