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I would like to propose some ideas

New cars to loot


-Police car 

Frequency: rare except in police stations, similar to military trucks found in army camps


Pistol, pistol ammo, flashlight, police uniform parts (new clothes).


Very rare or uncommon drop: larger amounts of ammo, shotgun, shotgun ammunition, magnum 44



Frecuency: uncommun, except Hospitals


Drop : medical items, such as first aid kits, tablets, antibiotics .....


-SWAT Truck: Frequency:  very rare except in police stations or Prisions.

Drop: SMG, SMG ammo, Shot gun, Swat uniform parts (new clothes)


New zombies


Swat zombi: common in police stations and prisons.


Features: It is like the soldier zombie but with 30% less health, it can drop pistol, SMG, ammo......


Prision zombi skin: A classic zombi with orange jail clothes.


Fireman zombi: Like a biker or lumberjack, Drop fire axe (rare)


Fallen Survivor: With the appearance of wearing a raincoat and a backpack, and a cap, when he dies he always lets loose, he is a ''common'' zombie in rural and lonely places.


New places


Museum with special and very rare weapons and items. 


medieval armor

These weapons are not available in aircraft packages, and a new book called Classic Weapons is needed. and steel to forge them.


New weapons : Sword, Great sword, katana, blunderbuss (available in the game).


ww2 weapons: M1 Garand, MG 42, Mauser Kar 98K, PPSH, SMG thomson, luger.


(ww2 rifles can be equipped with a bayonet)  attaching a knife, with duct tape.

Historical clothes. 


New items: 


Shield and Riot shield:  


They reduce melee damage and the chance of bleeding by 10 to 40% depending on quality and level. They can be started with 1 hand if you have enough strength, if you should not use them with two

The normal shield can be constructed of wrought iron, is medium in size, will barely cover the torso and expose the legs. instead, the riot shield covers up to the torso
Riot Shield reduces damage from bullets by 5 to 15%.
Both can be broken by impact and use, you can hit with them, but they won't cause much damage.

The materials to make the riot shield must be special plastic (apart from a book or ability if we give it an RPG style according to the type of survivor.


Roles for survivors:
Choose the survivor that best suits you.
It will start with the slightly improved abilities of your branch, and will have more facilities to climb it, on the contrary. If you choose to upload other branches other than yours such as science, mines, cook, medicine, they will cost you more base points than normal, it is ideal for RPG servers, as well as a deeper specialization.


Common Survivor: The same as there is now.


Vigilant Survivor: You were once a police or military, you start with uploaded shooting weapon skills, as well as sharp weapon skill.


Scientist: By science, you are a nerd in the chemical station consuming less resources. You make electronic objects like flashlights faster.


Architect: Your skills in building materials and blocks are amazing - consume fewer resources when building them.


Miner: collects iron and minerals faster, more efficiently.


Sanitary: Build medicine cabinets faster, with fewer resources, and thanks to your knowledge of medicine you know how to apply them correctly, recover 10% extra health, and reduce the time of having your leg splinted by 30%.


Farmer: Yours is the seeds and the field.







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