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ACE SURVIVAL ~ SMX UI ~ 200% XP ~ 24/7 Trader ~ PVE/PVP

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~Ace Survival~





Welcome to Ace Survival! The lightly modded 7DTD dedicated server hosted by myself (Alex Ace). My journey into 7DTD started with two close friends who love the game and myself. For the past couple months I ran a 4 person server on a small VPS so we could all play together . It was great but I wanted more. So a few days ago I took the leap and purchased a hefty dedicated server to open up some server slots and increase performance.

The server config/settings are all vanilla (set on default) with the exception of EXP which is set at 200%. As for modifications we are currently running SMX UI & SMX HUD, 24/7 Traders and More Skill Points. SMX mods remove the default user interface with a more horror like appearance. It displays food, water and much more during gameplay. 24/7 Traders is pretty self explanatory, all traders are open 24/7. More Skill Points brings in a slightly quicker way to achieve the skills you have always wanted. Instead of gaining one skill point per level, you now gaintwo! The last two mods are light server sided modifications that only require being installed on the server. However, to play on Ace Survival,
users must download and install the SMX mods on their PC's. The map was generated with a tool called Nitrogen. Instead of the default 8k size, our map is 10k. It also contains more cities and bigger landscapes. Come check it out!




1. No player killing unless agreed upon between both players/parties. (Consensual killing)

2. No griefing or leveling bases.

3. No abusing bugs/glitches or hacks.



Coming Soon

Website & Discord





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