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i'm here to share an idea i saw in my sleep...

I will give an example and leave the rest to the devs if they decided to use it.

this idea contains items and boss fights and indestructible POIs 

We know that 6 quality is the best in game now and almost every tool/weapon has that 

but we want special items.. that only has one quality grade which is better than the 6 i will call it legendary items

which cant be found or crafted by the player or bought from traders.

well they can be crafted but not in the ordinary way.. you need to find a certain forge or NPC made for this task only.

These items should be far better then anything else 200% better or has certain abilities for example a Katana  that slice zombies in half with a single blow. or an EMP  to disable power in the area. this can be helpful against demolishers which disable the red button for a short time

giving you a chance to shoot them without worrying. it will also disable your traps and electrical stuff.

now  how to get these items

here's my idea: bosses

but not bullet sponge bosses 

i'll give 2 examples for this

the first i attached a drawing.


A skeleton wearing black duster and blue jeans with 2 big vultures attached to his shoulders (how did that happen idk)

this guy can fly to certain height and he attacks you by grabbing you from the ground and fly and drop you.

and you kill him by shooting these 2 vultures on his shoulders let's say he flies 20 meters high once u kill a vulture he'll drop half the distance

and when you kill the other vulture he falls to the ground and breaks a limb.

then the vultures grow again and fly.

repeat this until his head is the last thing left but he cant attack now he'll move around escaping from you.

once he falls he cant do anything so it's you chance! 

get you steel sledgehammer and bash his skull! it has to be a steel sledgehammer otherwise it will not work.

he will drop a loot bag containing good stuff and special parts to make those legendary weapons or tools.

let's say you got 10 legendary parts, now you gotta find the NPC or workbench to forge them with a high cost and a bunch of other normal components.

the 2nd boss is a military leader and this takes us to another aspect which is POI made for these bosses and they are like the trader ones

they cant be destroyed and will kick u out at night? or day time? 

what is this military leader?

he is wearing heavy armor and cannot be damaged by bullets and he is also heavily radiated which somehow he is protected from damage.

he uses a weapon to shoot at you and screams to call soldiers to help him.

now to how you kill this guy

first you need to trap him in certain chambers to remove the radiation for a short time

then here's the fun stuff 

there is a missile launcher  in this base once you trap him you go to a command center within the base and control the system from there

by aiming the missile on him while he is stuck doing that will reduce his health by 24% and remove 25% of his armor

now you need to repeat this few times until his armor is gone and his health is low 

put him again in that rad removing chamber  and finish him with guns.

and you get the loot.

these bosses will respawn after 14 days minimum cant be less than that  and 28 days is default.

feel free to post your opinion and any additional ideas to this



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