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*New Server* MOSTLY SAVAGE PVP A18.4 Lite Mods 400% Loot 400% XP


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Honestly a fun server me and my friends made after getting tired of the rest.

Looting is quick but not too quick, extra XP for using Melee, zombies are tough but it balances out since you will have decent loot .

So many small game changes and edits ive lost count, nothing game breaking or distasteful. truthfully you wont even notice most but its nice that they are there.


P.S i know this server is new without many players on but i did my part in making it fun and lag free. all i can ask is for you to try it and hopefully enjoy it.

The server is pre-paid for an entire year, if i need more than 30 slots ill do upgrades right away. I pride myself on this being a premium server and bringing you 

the best experience possible 


Custom map 8k

12 Army Trucks On Map (Yes you can drive them) (All trucks have at least 1 epic loot item inside)

8 Motorcycles On Map (Drive) (No Loot)

7 Trucks on map (Drive) ( No Loot)

All Vehicles Are Craft able 

New Items

New Guns

New Mobs

New Boss Mobs

Lite Server Commands

29 Total Server Sided Mods

0 Debug Errors

Premium Dedicated Server 

Restarts every 2 Hours ( Does not De-Spawn Vehicles)

Resets At Day 1000 + (Depending on game integrity at the time)





Quick Connect   26940

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