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Pets and recruiting NPCs


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(I know it's Alpha , i know the game is at the start of the journey . I'm not saying "Why is this not here ?!" I'm just thinking it would be cool to have :) )


As a new player i would like to give a little bit of feedback to how the game feels like as a new player to maybe make my point more clear .


I just started playing the game 1 week ago . And after playing it for a few days i started to get a weird feeling .


Loneliness .

I know this is supposed to be a post apocalyptic game and that feeling is a part of the experience if you want to say that . 

But there is also the strong argument that this game is so much better with friends . 

But what if they are not online ? 

Well ... here is where pets or Friendly NPCs come in the picture .


Pets first :


How nice would it be to have a pet wolf in the base , or a cat or even a chicken . They would be there just to bring some company and not feel so alone all the time . 

They would also give a reason to defend a base . To protect you'r friends !

So far .. why do we even build bases ? To survive . But honestly , right now , you don't get anything that good for defending the base . You get some XP and maybe some loot but that's it.

It's hardly worth it to build and defend a base when you have nothing inside to defend it for . It's like defending you'r house just because it's a house .


The game is great don't get me wrong , i love to build bases and defend against zombies . 

I know there is the challenge of the Horde Night that some people want to have, and i love it . But i think it would be even better having something even more precious as a house or some loot to defend . The rush you can have seeing you'r friend is in danger is much grater than some XP loss .


It would also make the world feel not so empty . 

Now what we do is we go in POIs and we search for loot . And maybe kill a deer or a boar . That's it . That's the interaction with the "Living world" that we have . 

Personally i think it would be a nice addition for the people who play SP and have no friends online or even at all . (I have a lot of friends that choose to play battle royale instead of this.... bruh) so i don't always have my 1 or 2 friends online all the time .


Let's talk about Friendly NPCs


I personally thing this would be one of the coolest things if done right . To be able to build a team and give them jobs in you'r own base . 

To let them help you in the Horde Nights to defend you'r pet chicken . 

Think of the possibilities !


-- To tell them to clear an area of trees and bring you the wood . It can work like the claim block where you tell him to clear a specific area . Or send them on a trip to find Iron . (The area and speed can be made better with the perk system)


--Let's say you can give them Missions to loot POIs or take 1 or 2 with you personally to help you clear houses with .


--Instead of building a base , you can build a city for them to live in . Giving you a bigger space to defend and to care about .


Maybe use them as "Turrets" . Let's say you craft a special chair with a a table and a sniper rifle . It acts like a workbench let's say . You put it down and you can tell an NPC to stay there for the night and defend the base . Maybe you can balance it with food and water . Let's say you have to use that as a "fuel" for them to use as they sit there . So when they run out of food and water / ammo  , they go back to the main base . It's not much different than turrets if you think about it but it gives an "Item" more meaning .


--Now think how cool it would be to build a squad of NPCs to have you'r back when you raid big POIs . To give them weapons and gear . To give them armor and clothes . Essentially needing to loot for 5 more people instead of just 1 but with a much bigger reward .


--This could give late game and late game Horde Nights a bigger skill ceiling . Do you take you'r squad in the front lines ? or do you let them stay in the sniper/gunner positions and risk them to die from being attacked alone .


Look , we don't have to build GTA 6 from this game , and we don't need to make them the most interactive and bright NPCs . But it's just for the fact that it's so lonely after a while to come back after a day of looting and all you see home is a furnace . If i can take Joe and make him a Sniper on top of my base (Maybe when you get close he shouts "Welcome back Mate !", it's just enough to give a feeling of having someone share the burden of the Zombie Apocalypse .


(Maybe a dog or chicken too)


I am sure other people thought of this and the devs too but this is Pimp Dreams so here you go . Maybe we add one more to the list :) 


Honestly i love the game , i play since a week and no other game made me so excited and wanting more from it since early Minecraft . And that hopefully is taken as a compliment because in terms of creativity this game has so much potential !


It's 2:20 AM and i am writing this , after not even a week of playing the game . Bought it Saturday and for a Friend at the same time when i saw it .

It truly is a Gem of a game in this world of microtransactions filled AAA games and downgrades . All the best to Fun Pimps (just found out about you guys) and to the community ! :)

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