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Steam / ArkServer.io Disconnect Issues


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I have an Arkserver.io server, I play through Steam. When I log in on 7days it will play for about a minute then I get invalid steam ID and get kicked.. if I log in through Steam server when I put in the IP and Port it will not see the server if I put in the correct Port, but if I refresh it bumps it 2.. ex. Port 7360 becomes 7362 it will see the server but not be able to log onto it.. I've reinstalled 7days 3 times full wipes, reset the server, and reinstalled steam.. I'm the only one having this problem everyone else is fine, and I pay for the server.. about done.. any ideas? And no I have never had a ban on my account.And I have tried with the EAC, on and Off

Server shows this fault...inf [steamworks.net] kick player for invalid login:

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