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Clients unable to join server when Modlets alter Max Stamina/Health via Progression


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This has given me no end of headache lately attempting to have friends play with me using my mods (all modlets modifying existing gameplay details and elements). Particularly frustrating is that the mods work perfectly fine alone - the game worlds load and the mod functionality behaves as expected from the code. However, when another player attempts to join, it sticks them at Creating Character and throws a NullRef exception to the host.


My mod in question adds the following lines, truncated for relevance and brevity:

 <append xpath="/progression/attributes/attribute[@name='attAgility']">
     <!--passive_effect name="StaminaMax" operation="perc_add" level="2,50" value="0.05,2.45"/--> <!--Problem line, commented in practice-->
 <append xpath="/progression/attributes/attribute[@name='attFortitude']">
     <!--passive_effect name="HealthMax" operation="perc_add" level="2,50" value="0.05,2.45"/--> <!--Problem line, commented in practice-->


To reiterate, when uncommented, these lines work perfectly fine in solo play, and produce the desired result based on the ranks in the attributes in question (and yes, the attribute max levels in question are increased to 50 as well. Other elements throughout the file also make use of these expanded limits and do not have a problem in multiplayer). However, when someone attempts to join me in a listen-server or when I attempt to join my own dedicated server, the following exception appears to the host, and the client sticks at Creating Character:


2020-04-24T21:50:56 190.094 INF RequestToSpawnPlayer: 10272, Dirty Garden Gnome, 6
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at ItemHasTags.IsValid (MinEventParams _params) [0x0000d] in <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952>:0
at MinEffectGroup.canRun (MinEventParams _params) [0x0004f] in <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952>:0
at MinEffectGroup.ModifyValue (EntityAlive _self, PassiveEffects _effect, System.Single& _base_value, System.Single& _perc_value, System.Single level, FastTags _tags, System.Int32 _multiplier) [0x0003b] in <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952>:0
at MinEffectController.ModifyValue (EntityAlive _self, PassiveEffects _effect, System.Single& _base_value, System.Single& _perc_value, System.Single _level, FastTags _tags, System.Int32 multiplier) [0x0003c] in <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952>:0
at ProgressionClass.ModifyValue (EntityAlive _ea, ProgressionValue _pv, PassiveEffects _effect, System.Single& _base_value, System.Single& _perc_value, FastTags _tags) [0x0001c] in <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952>:0
at Progression.ModifyValue (PassiveEffects _effect, System.Single& _base_val, System.Single& _perc_val, FastTags _tags) [0x00055] in <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952>:0
at EffectManager.GetValue (PassiveEffects _passiveEffect, ItemValue _originalItemValue, System.Single _originalValue, EntityAlive _entity, Recipe _recipe, FastTags tags, System.Boolean calcEquipment, System.Boolean calcHoldingItem, System.Boolean calcProgression, System.Boolean calcBuffs, System.Int32 craftingTier, System.Boolean useMods) [0x001b3] in <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952>:0
at EntityStats..ctor (EntityAlive entity) [0x00076] in <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952>:0
at EntityAlive.constructEntityStats () [0x00000] in <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952>:0
at EntityAlive.Init (System.Int32 _entityClass) [0x00007] in <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952>:0
at EntityPlayer.Init (System.Int32 _entityClass) [0x0002d] in <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952>:0
at EntityFactory.CreateEntity (EntityCreationData _ecd) [0x00300] in <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952>:0
at GameManager.RequestToSpawnPlayer (ClientInfo _cInfo, System.Int32 _chunkViewDim, PlayerProfile _playerProfile) [0x0026d] in <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952>:0
at NetPackageRequestToSpawnPlayer.ProcessPackage (World _world, INetConnectionCallbacks _netConnectionCallback) [0x00007] in <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952>:0
at ConnectionManager.ProcessPackages (INetConnection _connection, NetPackageDirection _disallowedDirection) [0x000b2] in <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952>:0
at ConnectionManager.Update () [0x00053] in <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952>:0

(Filename: <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952> Line: 0)


This problem only appeared in more recent versions of the game. I ~want~ to say it did not exist as of Alpha 18.2, but I cannot recall with certitude as to which minor revisions I actually had friends joining my games.


The full game log illustrating the error is attached.


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