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Multiplayer Quest Bug


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Not sure if anyone else has experienced this yet, but I've been playing 7 Days to Die with my partner and they had been doing Trader quests a lot. They actually got all the way up to rank 4 quests while I was still at rank 2. This seems to be where the bug occurred. I advanced the quest tier to 3 and accepted a Fetch/Clear quest in a building near the trader. Once I got to the building and tried to start the quest, the ground beneath the quest marker disappeared and I was stuck in an infinite loop of falling. I had to leave the server and join back to fix the issue and, thankfully, it did fix the ground evaporating. However, I attempted to start the quest again and it said "Questing at this location is unavailable at this time. Please try again later." I ended up abandoning the quest and accepting a new one. The interesting part is when I reached quest tier 4 I accepted a fetch quest which was in the exact same location as that previous tier 3 quest that glitched out. I'm thinking that maybe because my partner had advanced the quest tiers so quickly that once I advanced them as well the game accidentally gave me a tier 4 quest instead of a tier 3 one, but when I tried to start the quest the game realized that I was in fact only at tier 3 questing so it bugged and tried to eliminate me. I hope this can help fix any issues with the questing system for the future.

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