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Nail Gun


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I know that the nail gun is planned so if I may suggest some mechanics for it which also got me thinking about portability (Who wants to drag a compressor around with an extension cord) and related mechanics. I know some of this has been suggested already but I wanted to make my ideas clear. Taking some ideas from real portable nail guns, which run on batteries. If the nail gun runs on batteries the game could have a charged battery and a discharged battery. Obviously this would required electricity to charge batteries and a charger. So to get electricity there could be two ways: 1. Generator: loud, requires fuel. 2. Solar Panel: quiet, harder to make (Perhaps a new resource such as silicon could be used). If the electricity mechanic makes it in the game, not sure if there would be values about how much power is generated or just whether it's just on or off. If it is value based, solar panels would generate less than the generator. For example a 250W solar panel versus a 3000W generator. Car batteries can also be used to store a certain amount of power, specifically for solar panels which would not work at night or even the generator so you won't attract night time zombies. If you really want to get complicated about panels the value would be different depending on the position of the sun and current weather. In this case a tracker would come in handy. ------- The other way nail guns could be used is to use compressed air canisters. This would also require electricity and a compressor to refill the canisters. --- Or I could be completely off my rocker. As always keep up the good work.
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