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Help with creating a "List of Schematics Learned" modlet


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Hi all, I'm new to 7DtD modding but I have a decent programming background. I'm hoping to contribute to the community with a few small mods that address some pain points my friends and I have been experiencing, the fist of which is a window listing all schematics read/learned by the player. I'm reaching out with some specific questions, but if anyone has some tips or links to resources about modding A18, I'll take those as well.


After pouring over the XML and a few downloaded mods, I've noticed that any list of data (items, item stacks, recipes, etc) is populated with a <grid> node, usually with an attribute-less node inside it that corresponds to the type of item populating it (e.g. <recipe_entry>). I'm assuming the contents of the list are controlled by the "controller" attribute. For example, the XUi window <windowCraftingList> contains a <grid> of <recipe_entry> nodes controlled by the attribute-value pair controller="RecipeList". However I can't find anything in the XML concerning these controllers.


Anyone know how I can access or create a controller like this? I'd prefer to keep this modlet-friendly, which I believe means I can only use XPath to add to whatever is in the Config directory, and I suspect these controllers may be game files coded in C or something.


Other things I've discovered:

Recipes learned by schematics seem to be "unlocked" by setting a cvar where the key is the recipe name and the value is 1.

This differs from recipes learned from perks and perk books, which seem to apply tags to a <passive_effect> of "RecipeTagUnlock" where the tag value is the recipe unlocked.

If I can find a way to query active game data to populate a list, these things will probably come in handy.


Thanks in advance for any help! Looking forward to digging into this while I'm stuck at home (and not actually PLAYING 7DtD, of course)



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