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Sleepers and Hordes not "aggro'ed" despite gunfire. Fix via entityclasses.xml?


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As the title states, the zombie AI seems deaf and brain dead (pun intended :calm:). Goal: I want the entire horde to come at me (instead of mini-waves), and that sleepers wake up with loud gunfire.

  • Sleeping zombies (the ones in a house POI for example) don't "wake up" even though I'm standing right in front of them shooting the blocks next to their head.
  • In large hordes, only a few zombies will typically "aggro" despite me shooting at them from < 50m away. They won't aggro unless my bullet actually hits them. Shooting the sky, for example, doesn't aggro. The entire horde doesn't aggro unless I physically get close to them.

I've already made 3 adjustments to the Zombiemaletemplate class in the entityclasses.xml file. It seemed to help a little but maybe placebo effect.

  • SightRange is 60 meters (vs. default of 30 meters).
  • NoiseAlertThreshold is lowered to 20 units (default is 30 units).
  • SmellAlertThreshold is lowered to 30 units (default is 40 units) -- I don't think this is used in A18.

What other adjustments should I be making? It seems like SleeperNoiseSenseThreshold and SleeperNoiseWakeThreshold are key but I don't understand what "Indiv.Random" means or how it works.


<!-- Stealth -->

<property name="MaxViewAngle" value="180"/>

<property name="SightRange" value="60"/> <!-- distance in m -->

<property name="SightLightThreshold" value="-2,150"/> <!-- how well lit you have to be for the zombie to see you at min,max range -->


<property name="SleeperWakeupSightDetectionMin" value="-40,5"/> <!-- Indiv.Random. sight capability - "I see you" light value at point blank -->

<property name="SleeperWakeupSightDetectionMax" value="340,480"/> <!-- Indiv.Random. "I see you" light value at "SightRange" -->

<property name="SleeperSenseSightDetectionMin" value="-10,0"/> <!-- same for groaning, not waking -->

<property name="SleeperSenseSightDetectionMax" value="200,300"/>


<property name="SleeperNoiseSenseThreshold" value="3,8"/> <!-- Indiv.Random. hearing capability - "I hear something" noise value -->

<property name="SleeperNoiseWakeThreshold" value="9,12"/>


<property name="SleeperSmellSenseThreshold" value="20,50"/> <!-- Indiv.Random. smell capability - "I smell something" player smell value -->

<property name="SoundSleeperSenseChance" value=".5"/> <!-- the chance to play "SoundSleeperSense" when "SleeperSmellSenseThreshold" is triggered -->

<property name="SleeperSmellWakeThreshold" value="40,100"/>


<property name="NoiseAlertThreshold" value="20"/> <!-- DEPRECATED; an awake zombie triggers instantly if touched by the sound range/volume -->

<property name="SmellAlertThreshold" value="30"/> <!-- for awake zombies -->


Thank you in advance!

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