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Salty Zombies - 7 Days To Die Servers - PvE & PvP Wipe/


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Hey Survivors,


We are wiping out servers and loading up fresh worlds that will be open to public Tomorrow (Friday) 10:00 AM CST time. We have a new beastly dedicated i9CPU server and we are hosting our PvE server and PvP servers on there. So no matter where in the world you are USA, ASIA, EU you should have no trouble connecting with a decent ping. So, joins us and make new friends from all over the world.


Our 7 Days To Die PvE Server: IP: - Port: 26900

  • Map: 8k
  • LCB: Invincible
  • LCB Size: 41
  • Loot: 200%
  • XP Bonus: 200%

Our 7 Days To Die PvP Server: IP: - Port: 27900

  • Map: 8k
  • LCB: 16x16
  • LCB Size: 41
  • Loot: 500%
  • XP Bonus: 300%

Additional Features:

  • Combo Pack 3,000+ new POI's
  • Log Spikes
  • Organized Back Pack Mod
  • Increase Stack Mod
  • Better UI MOD
  • Cars Respawn
  • More Seats in Vehicles
  • Working Ovens and Sinks
  • Donor City
  • Prison (For naughty players)
  • Community Farm (Built by members)

Join our 7 Days to Die Discord for more information. You can also check out our other 7 Days To Die Servers on our website. We will be Lunching a Ravenhearst and Darkness Falls Server soon



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