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Campain / Endgame


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I've played this game for some time now, and I really enjoy it.


However what is missing from this game is some sort of real endgame / campaign content.



Campaign Mode (you can turn this on / off at the start of the game, but not change it afterwards):

Zombies don’t respawn in a location once it has been cleared. (reason forthcoming) Only heat maps, random hordes, horde nights ect can spawn zombies randomly anymore.

Loot containers don’t get refilled. Flying zombies can't spawn in random hordes / heat maps, horde nights (reason is forthcoming).


Every Trader gives you the same quests and quests are never repeated, only after each quest in one tear is completed can you move onto the next tier.

After the last current tier, there are the campaign / endgame quests.


For instance, first quest:

"create a home": a random area is designated where no zombie may enter. Getting this quest resets the blood moon timer / or the time, to the first day of the week (to remove randomness, day 1 if you will) then you have 6 days to prepare, and you have to protect this area from zombies for maybe 21 days.


This area is as large as the set land claim size, so a minimum of a 21 block square, and you can have it be larger than that if you want it to be harder. In the middle is a land claim block (trader, cant be destroyed), and you can make the border visible and invisible so that you can see what you have to protect. This area cannot be near a trader or near the edge of a map. This area covers the whole square up/down-wise, so that you can't just dig a 3 square wide 50squares deep trench, and have only 1 entrance.


That’s why flying zombies don’t spawn in hordes / heat maps anymore; no one could ever defend against it.


After the third horde night, if no zombies could enter, you complete this quest. If you failed at any point in the 21days, it is failed, but can be repeated in a different location (new quest so to speak).

(You start the quest with the yellow exclamation mark, same as with normal quests)


Second quest:

"Find a cure":, now and only now a recipe can be found. A new tier of POI's lets you search of it. (Exclamation mark zombie/loot containers spawn; should you already have cleared this)

Then you either have to find or already have the ingredients.

When you use this cure, you are immune to infection. Quest completed.


Third quest:

Now that you have a safe home, and defeated the virus, what’s left?

Well not it is not about surviving but about recreating a safe world for our immune children to live in.


"Rid the world of zombies": Kill every remaining zombie still walking in this world. There is a counter so you know how many there are. Maybe the nearest zombie is displayed on the compass, similar to clear zombies quests. Once this starts and once a zombie is designated it doesn’t change even if you go somewhere else (I have no idea about programming, I think this would be easier?).





"get rid of the radiation problem": The very last zombie drops a recipe that makes you immune to radiation, gather the ingredients if you don’t have them already and use it.


Fifth and final quest:

"Patient Zero": A new a unique POI is created and it is located in the radiation zone (so that you cant do it before being immune to radiation).

There are many MANY zombies there, and you have to go on the offensive, you can’t destroy or build blocks in this area (a zombie land claim, if you will) for this reason all doors are unlocked. You can’t use traps ect. You have to fight. Every zombie is feral and maybe also RAD.


Only once the last zombie is cleared in this POI the second part of the quest starts.

Per exclamation mark you open the very last door (garage door so there is room for many zombies to come out at once). In this last room there is the zombie boss "patient zero" hardcore strong zombie, and some adds of course.

When all of them are dead you win the game.



What do you think?

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