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Land claim issue on dedicated hosted by frags.gs


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I run a small dedicated server for a few friends and myself, but we have run into an issue with land claim blocks not functioning at all no matter what settings I change. Either through their control panel, or through the xml file. The odd part is, it shows up in the server browser correctly for the most part. Here is an image of the settings in the server browser:



And an image of the config file:


The problem I am running into, is the game doesn't seem to care if the land claim block is placed or not. No familiar gong sound when hitting blocks within the claim area, no durability change. Each time I change the durability settings, I see the change reflect in the server browser in game. The only real difference I see is that the bedroll deadzone value will not change at all. The value in the XML file is currently at 30, but the server browser shows -1 no matter what I change this to.


Is this something with the host as I suspect it is?


I reached out to the server host support and they suggested I ask here. Can someone assist before I pull out more of my hair from fighting this?

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