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Turrets not working


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**** UPDATE part 2 ****

OK ... JUNK turrets are now working once we picked them up and manually shot things with them, THEN put them down.


Nothing to see here ... Move along ....Move along

**** UPDATE part 2 ****



Anyone else having turrets stop working since the last patch?

There wasn't anything in the notes about junk turrets becoming broken. I wonder if TFP know of this.


**** UPDATE part 1 ****

I found out how to get shotguns to work. I needed to go into the camera aiming/1st person view within the gun, aim and fire it from the camera view THEN it started to work.

**** UPDATE part 1 ****



Is there a fix?

Anyone know if there's something in the XML files that I can check to make sure turrets are set to work properly? (in case one of us tinkering with the XML screwed some setting up accidentally)


I don't want to REgenerate a new map, again. We just did that for 18.2 b5 ... I wouldn't think localization of languages would break turrets.

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