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Hosting a Fun, Vanilla 24/7 Community Server


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Hello everyone! I am hosting a 7 Days to Die dedicated server for my community and the public to enjoy! It is entirely vanilla, meaning there is no new content or extra files you need to download in order to connect. However, some of the game rules and configs have been modified as follows:


- Players receive 20% more XP gain

- Zombies walk during the day, and jog at night

- Zombies deal 20% reduced block damage while Players deal 10% more.

- Blood moons allow zombies to sprint and deal 20% more (120%) damage to blocks

- Zombie count is greatly increased

- Animal count greatly increased

- Difficulty Level 4

- Players can PVP w/ strangers, but drop no loot. For some reason I can't turn this off, but works out.

- 10% more loot in containers

- Players can place multiple land claims, that provide moderate online protection and complete offline protection


Of course there are some non-mechanic rules too, like don't use your extra land claims to grief people from looting, unless you plan to make it your base. Don't spawn kill, be an ass, etc. Use common sense, and HAVE FUN!


I am very active, and as you can see I have been playing for about 6 years now. I love this game, and I hope you do too. Ask me any questions if you have issues.



TLDR: The game is harder yet more rewarding, and use common sense around others.

You can find our server by searching: "Pogesque's Community Server" in the server search box. Come and have fun!


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