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Insane Asylum PVE w/ minor mods (New York USA)


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Hello everyone.


Over the years I have put up various 7DTD servers since its EA release. So I try to consider myself someone who knows how to run one of these. My last one was 2 years ago and was pretty popular up until I shut it down.


I am running another run for 2 months now usually so I can mess around but am just gonna do a quick advert for it.


Lunatic Asylum (Virus9) PVE


Its PVE. Was wiped 2 weeks agos.


Few minor mods installed to make it a touch more "transparent."


- Quicker crafting perk

- Quicker resource scraping

- Minor UI

- Better silencers

- M4

- Wood log spikes enabled (the cone spikes) - I missed these from in the past.

- Salvaged vehicles Respawn

- More yellow loot bags from zombies

- Bigger stacks

- Larger hordes (havent tested)

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