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Suggestions for the game I love.


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I love this game, much like a man loves a woman who hasn't filed a restraining order on him yet. So here are my ideas regarding 7 Days to Die. The ideas are just suggestions for issues that I've noticed. When I say issues I'm talking more to the experience of choosing paths and professions in the game, as well as some quality of life aspects.


Actual Choice!


So far in the game if you want armor you're either going light, or you're going heavy. This limits the player choice, especially for the solo players (of which I tend to be, but I also play with chums). There's a ton of creative opportunity here so there are a few ideas I'll toss out just to get the ball rolling hopefully.


Let the creation of armor blend with other trees that you've invested into. Examples will follow.


Perception: Light cloth, leather blended armor, with night vision/binocular vision added, extra loot storage, door lock-picking mechanisms etc.


Strength: Heavy armor with spikes, allow it to return some damage to attackers, allow it to grant a sprint, charge bonus, blend it with other paths like agility, perception, science and bounce ideas around to help. Again Strength tends to be straight forward but unique aspects of the armor contributing to the player would be awesome


Fortitude is fine as is, take the damage, moving on.



Agility is easy, make a Spider-man suit, higher jumping, falling, faster sprinting, light armor, may be blended with leather, or fiber, extra points for camo. I am aware of the unique armor set in the game I've yet to play with it, but again these are just ideas.


Intellect: Lab Coat, lab tech, chance to shock on hit? More pockets, for storage, faster deploying of turrets?


So far I'm offering up these ideas so it's not a constant struggle of ...


"Well I love being X buut I'll never survive insane difficulty alone without going directly into fortitude,"


This applies to the weaponry as well but to a lesser degree.


Spears also need to use less stamina on strike. Maybe a javelin thing where you draw spears out and hurl them, the mods go on the actual satchel. So far the spears are kind of rough to deal with.



Hope for some feed back, this is very rushed so please forgive the lack of express detail. If this post gets some interest I'd be more than interested in going into more details about future concepts for gear.

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