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Hey guys, haven't spent too much time on these forums yet, apologies if some of these ideas are repeats.




Shell Casing Collector - This would be a firearm mod that when you fire your gun, a bullet casing will be put into your inventory. Or maybe give it like a 75% chance to retrieve the casing because without any way to consistently get brass except tearing apart cars and plumbing this weapon mod would really help out. Additionally the mod would probably make the weapon more unwieldy because it pretty much is just a net attached to the side of the gun (Google some pictures).


Pickup Crafting Stations - There have been way too many times that I have moved bases and left 5+ Workbenches, Cement Mixers, Forges, etc... I would love to see the ability to pick up these crafting stations.


Take All Option For Crafting Stations - I instinctively press 'R' way too often when in a forge or a workbench to try and take all of the output. Being able to take all the output instantly would make managing my cement mixers and forges far more easy.


Recipe Indicators - I am a bit of a nut when it comes to the new book advancements and recipe system. There seems to be no in-game indicator when looking at a book or a recipe that you have already read it. This is particularly useful when buying from the trader and figuring out which schematics and books I do not have. I currently just have a couple pieces of paper on my desk that I mark up.


Gyro-copter Vertical Takeoff - I hardly ever use/ craft the gyro-copter in my games because of its inability to take off reliably. I find myself needing to bring wooden ramps anywhere I go.


Bridge Terrain Meshing - I know there are many different scenarios that the terrain meshing problems show up, but bridges always seem to get me. I have gone to a full dead stop numerous times and gotten my motorcycle stuck a few as well.


Storage Vehicle Mods - Having a mod to add more storage to my vehicles would be amazing. I know the 4x4 Truck already has quite a bit of storage, but I am consistently running out of space in the thing and wish I could mod it to do so, even for the cost of some speed or fuel efficiency.



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