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Berserker / Empath - player timed effect/class and/or cool boss zombie


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Remember the Picts - the warriors who painted themselves blue and charged naked into battle, defeating the Romans?


Here's my idea for a berserker / empath:

A) They're naked (in normal 7 Days underwear)

B) They're blue (I heard rumor that the Picts painted themselves before battle with some blue stuff which had pharma properties)

C) When they take damage, it heals team mates

D) When they deal melee damage, it self-heals

E) They're outright useless with ranged weapons.


This could be some kind of player class, perhaps as a timed effect, activated after drinking Grandpa's Blue Antifreeze? It could also make a really cool boss zombie, maybe a blue Wight, who charges into battle and keeps healing the other zombies in the vicinity. Oh - while the other zombies are being healed, if any of them goes too far into uber-health, they also become a berserker - so it's important for the team to keep damaging all of them while the berserker wight is being taken out.


- - - Updated - - -


The reason for them being naked (in their undies) is that you want them to take damage, to heal team mates. If they wore armor, it would largely defeat the whole purpose.

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