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New PvP Server Looking To Start A Community!


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Hey y'all! So this is what I've got going on.. Less than a month ago we began hosting a private PvP server for our closed community, And we felt like something special was on the rise so the server officially went public less than a week ago! What type of server are we running? Here it is:


1. PVP FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS: Now I get it when most people see the PvP tag for a server, The first thing they think is a bunch of try hards picking on newer players who don't stand a chance, Right? Well that's not quite how we do things here! We want to be an environment where players who have never gotten a taste of PvP are able to get their feet wet a bit, And we strongly discourage aggressively going after those who clearly aren't ready. We also have a custom difficulty/custom leveling system that is engaging to players of ANY skill level!


2. CUSTOM ANTI-CHEAT: Plain and simple we've got plenty of anti cheat tool to help keep out the bad apples! Nobody likes a cheater ruining their experience and we keep that to a bare minimum on the server.


3. MONTHLY WIPES AND EVENTS: Nobody wants to join a server that's a 1000 days in, So we have a month to month wipe schedule that helps keep things fresh and consistently bring in new members to check us out! We also do pre-wipe events that reward anyone who participates, And those rewards carry over into the next map to give you the edge! (Our next wipe and event will be on February 15, It's a Battle Royale)


4. HELPFUL PLAYERS/STAFF: There's plenty of players around who are more than willing to help you get a foot in the door if need be, And our staff is more than willing to answer any server questions that are asked.


5. DESIRE TO GROW: This is a big one, So as of now our server is quite small (Comes with being a new server) So there's a lot of times where the player count is 0... We're hoping that as we get more and more players to come around and check us out, We can fill in those gaps and have a consistent playerbase! We also have a roadmap going forward to prepare for server upgrades that will accommodate said growth


Well that's it! If you'd like to give us a try all the server info is down below :smile-new: We hope to get some new faces and create a whole lot of memories together!





DISCORD: https://discord.gg/jAgfwmF


SERVER LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois, USA

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