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Clash and Conquer: Challenge 1 Trailer


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Here is a preview of whats ahead. We are still months away from releasing the first full length episode as the production of these will take some time, but this trailer will hopefully get some people curious and interested in whats to come. Your support in helping us get our project more noticed by the 7dtd community will be greatly appreciated. 7DTD is a game I truly love and I have always thought that it has endless possibilities, and this project will hopefully showcase just how endless the possibilities of 7dtd can be.


Clash and Conquer puts 4 players into a cat and mouse frenzy where they must not only avoid death and complete challenges successfully, but also avoid the villain, Death's Design, who is determined to stop them. In this series, each challenge will be its own full length episode and the series will have a conclusion/finale.


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