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(Suggestion) Wood/Rebar/Scrap Iron Frame Additional Option


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I realized that the wood frames I place down can be taken by other players. Although it is handy to remove a frame that someone placed in or by your claim zone, I believe there should be a feature added to the frames like the storage chests where you hold the E key and choose the option to turn the frame into a solidFrame. For those who do not know the difference, a solidFrame is the one that is left after you break an upgraded frame, you can't pick those up and have to destroy them to remove it. So what I am proposing would allow us to keep the first feature and have an added feature to turn it into an object that can't be taken should we choose to do so. The reason for this option is to give the player more control over thier resources and the frames can be used as columns and struts without the fear that they will be removed by someone else. It is a safety feature for the frames.
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