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A Tool I'm working on: 7daystodie Mod builder, or "7.m.b."


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I was starting a project for a modlet, but ended up making a software idea, and this is the result.

It's not fully functional, and it's a "I want to share what I started on" to see if this would be a useful tool for the community.

If it is, I would definitely enjoy hearing feedback, and what you would like for 7MB to be able to make mod making to be even more simplified, and all the steps it takes to making a mod. If you also want to support the project, you can also send me a PM.




The idea is this: At a few clicks of a few buttons, you can have a mod folder setup with the config and minor details ready.

But to further assist in it would be mod editor on the right. On the left you can have inserted presets of text, and quick tutorial on how to use the software and how to make mods in general.

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This is a really good idea. It would be nice to have something similar to intellisense as well. As software engineers, I think we can all agree that tools that make life easier is always appreciated, especially when what you're doing is standard boiler-plate with built in assistance for quality of life.


I support this.

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