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Returning Server NA PvP Midnight Terror


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Our server is active, if you are looking for a community to enjoy the game with check out our server and read info below.


Server was reset on 12-25 (hit day 40 today).


I think the ideal situation would be to get 20-30 active players and reset server to start fresh. To achieve this id like to get more people into the discord so we can discuss all of servers settings & start date.


Server has minor UI mods for a better look and more information. These are installed server side and require no action from client side.


We have active Admins that are fair and will never abuse powers.


If you're interested join the discord, we will discuss starting over once we get some decent numbers. As of right now we have about 8-10 active people. Join up, bring friends and we can get to know each other.


We love pvp and are friendly for the most part (Not killing noobs or looting all gear on kill).


Need players of all skill levels, whether your solo, or with a group, come play!


Server IP:

Port: 26900


Server has 100% up time, has automatic backups and is very stable. (Last seed ran for a month with no issues)


Link to our discord: https://discord.gg/wQV6Mv

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