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Live, Die, Repeat PvP


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Live, Die, Repeat PVP is online and ready for action. This server is designed to get you into the action fast so you don't have to hide your first week playing. Below is some bullet points for our server.


•Nitrogen Mega City 4k map

•5 x Loot and experience

•More wandering zombies (5 times the amount of roaming zombies)

•Cars respawn

•Bigger backpack with full sized icons

•Increased mod slots on items based on item level (Level 6 item gets 6 mod slots)

•Return of resources mod (Boulders give all resources again, stone gives iron ore each hit)

•Harvestable zombies (Never run out of duct tape again, just harvest the zombies you kill for bones)

•Faster 4X4 and faster motorcycle

•Increased speed on nailgun, claw hammer and stone axe

•Increased block damage on all mining tools (pickaxes, axes, auger and chainsaw.

•Increased Entity damage on chainsaw, it is now a viable melee weapon.

•Everything stacks to 5,000 and raw resources stack to 30,000

•Reduced the explosion block damage of dyamite and HE rockets to 1500, reduced the explosion radius of dynamite and HE Rockets to 2.

•Increased the explosion damage of Timed Charges to 5,000 and increased the explosion radius of Timed charges to 2. The above changes were made to encourage folks to use the timed charges to blow through doors versus leveling someone's entire base with dynamite or rockets.

•Faster crafting - Most things craft insanely fast.

•Faster smelting - Advanced bellows allows forges to smelt even faster now.



Our discord info is https://discord.gg/jPGet9W



Port: 26900

Latest Experimental Alpha 18.3


Come join in the fun and lets pvp!

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