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A16 SDX Sample Generates a town at a specified position in a random map(alpha16.4)

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This SDX sample generates a town at a specified position in a random map




rwgmixer.xml //rwgmixer/cell_rules/cell_rule/hub_rule/@GridPosition

Grid position of the cell where you want to set a specific hubrule

rwgmixer.xml //rwgmixer/hub_rules/hub_rule/@HubOffset

Offset at the center of the hub generation position




	<cell_rule name="default">
		<cave_count value="4,8" />
		<path_material value="asphalt" />
		<path_radius value="10" />
		<hub_rule name="cityCenter" prob="0.0" GridPosition="0,0" />

	<hub_rule name="cityCenter">
		<hub_type value="city" />
		<width value="2000, 2000" />
		<height value="2000, 2000" />
		<path_material value="asphalt" />
		<HubOffset value="0,0" />

		<path_radius value="10" />
		<path_radius value="10" />
		<downtown_zone_size_perc value="0.45" />
		<prefab_rule name="default" />
		<street_gen level="25" length_multiplier="4">
			<axiom value="[FFCT][-FFT][+FFI][--FFN][+FFT][-FFI][++FN][F-FF+FF[-T]FF+FF+FFFF-FF-FF[+I]FF-F[+N]" />
			<rule char="T" replace_with="F-FF+FF[-T**]FF+FF+FFFF-FF-FF[+I**]FF-F[+N*K]" />
			<rule char="I" replace_with="F-FF+FF[-T**]FF+FF+FFFF-FF-FF[+I**]FF-F[+N*K]" />
			<rule char="N" replace_with="F-FF+FF[-T**]FF+FF+FFFF-FF-FF[+I**]FF-F[+N*K]" />
			<rule char="K" replace_with="[FFCT][-FFT][+FFI][--FFN][+FFT][-FFI][++FN]" />
			<alt_commands chars="T,I,N,K" />


this mod used by 7 days to die mod editor



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